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About the Inspection Report

Our full-color inspection reports are detailed, easy to understand and include digital photographs. This includes any problem areas which may need to be carefully reviewed and of areas not normally seen by most people such as attics and crawl spaces.  Our report makes clear what the inspection findings are, and for each finding, it makes clear the significance of the finding to the home buyer or owner. 

Click  HERE  for a sample report

Our reports are thorough and will confirm and agree with what is discussed during the inspection. The written material is what survives the inspection and what will be referred to later.   The report is delivered by secure website.  The inspection report will be furnished to the client and anyone else that they desire.

Your report will be a representation of the general "health" of the home.  The primary objective of your home inspection is for me to provide you with important information pertaining to your prospective home and to point out any major defects before you decide to purchase it.

Before you make any demands of the Seller, try to evaluate our inspection report with an eye toward problems of greatest significance. Look for conditions that compromise the health and safety of you and your family, significant construction defects, or active leaks in the plumbing or the roof. Most sellers will address problems affecting crucial areas or items such as the roof, electrical, plumbing problems, inoperable fixtures, and big-ticket items such as the furnace, boiler, and electrical issues. Please consult with your Realtor to help you work through an appropriate repair request list to present to the Seller.

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