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Wind Mitigation Inspections 

What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

A Wind Mitigation Inspection generates a report by a certified inspector for insurance credit as possible discounts on the client's home insurance policies. This is NOT a pre-listing/pre-sale home inspection that is used to satisfy a mortgage company, nor can it be used for that. This report provides information to the insurance company to help aid them in deciding what benefits, or discounts, the insurance company may provide to their policyholders.

What is looked at during the inspection?

Many features of the house are critical for maintaining a solid structure in the home during high winds and storms. Some of the things that are looked at are the roofing material, the shape of the roof, how the roof is connected to the walls, how the sheathing is attached to the trusses, the doors, the windows, the garage door, and secondary water resistance. If all were present in the home, these features can work together to create an envelope of safety within a home.

What are some Wind Mitigation features?

Some features are built into the home by Florida building code and other features would be challenging to change or add. Some features can be added or updated based on need and the location of the residence. Stronger windows and doors are examples of things that could be changed. While the shape of the roof structure is really not a feasible option to change. But all of these various features are looked at for credit to determine the ability of the home to mitigate damage in a hurricane or high windstorm.

What does Home Defense Inspections, LLC provide after the inspection?

Home Defense Inspections, LLC will provide the client with a report on a standardized form after the inspection. The clients can then submit this report to their insurance companies for possible credit/discounts on their insurance policies. Home Defense Inspections, LLC is not responsible for the decisions made by any insurance company after the client submits the report. Our provided report documents what was found during the inspection and the insurance company makes their decisions based on many factors.

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